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There is so much love in there and it was beautiful to watch. It's about friends, it's about dreams and it's about LOVE. Some parts of the end reminded me to an 80's movie. It has that sweet oldie scent. Sometimes you just need to relax, smile and have fun with a good book and that's precisely what this story gave me. Highly recommend! I can't believe that I'm giddy AGAIN over a book in this series, especially one that follows Sunday's typical recipe of ullllltttttrrrraaaaa sloooooooooow burrrrrrrnnnn.

But I'm giddy, I tell you. The UST alone is enough to keep me around. When you combine that with the banter? Wesley Hidaka is an undergraduate who lives in a dorm. Sunday throws us right smack in the middle of a years-long something going on between these two. And I loved it! It took me only a few chapters to realize that these two are both totally in love with each other, that neither of them realize it yet , that neither of them thinks the other feels anything, and that EVERYONE else knows and has bets going on how much longer Wes and Lloyd will last before they get together.

It only took a couple of chapters to orient myself. Wes lives to torment Lloyd. In a fun way; never malicious. And Lloyd practices patience on an hourly basis with Wes around. Not only because of Wes's antics, but because he might grab him and rip his clothes off at any moment.

Wes is very concerned with how incompatible he a Gemini and Lloyd a Capricorn would be, as far as their astrological signs. Me thinks thou dost protest too much. Wesley snorted. We're not.

Gemini in Love - Sign Compatibility - The Love Queen

How many times do I have to say it? He's a Cap. And Lloyd does the same, in his own way. But that just means they're close friends, right? And Lloyd is clearly only hung up on the fact that he could lose his RA job if he starts a relationship with one of his "charges. Two years, three months, and about seven days? The book is FUN! Every chapter felt like an adventure.

I highlighted the crap out of lines, and the banter alone had me smiling like a loon for most of the read. Fans of the series won't be disappointed. Highly recommended! View all 3 comments. Nov 26, Jewel rated it really liked it Shelves: z , mm , review-copy , four-stars , contemporary. Wesley is in his last year of undergrad and has been focusing on law. He's not excited about that, though, and can barely make himself actually do the work. However, I don't think it is his studies that keep young Wesley going, anyway.

That title would go to one sexy RA, by the name of Lloyd. Lloyd runs a tight ship keeping his residents in line and alive, no thanks to one resident who is a complete disaster in the kitchen. Keeping the lead RA, Ryan, off his back is a challenge, too, so Lloyd tries to just fly under the radar and not break any of the rules -- particularly the rule about not sleeping with a resident, no matter how much he might want him.

According to Wesley, Capricorns live for rules, but Geminis like himself live to break them. Wesley is the last to know that he really and truly wants Lloyd. I loved the banter, the games, and both MC's never failed to make me smile. These boys will torture you with their UST. Gemini Keeps Capricorn is nothing short of entertaining and it made me happy the whole time I was reading it. Try me. Lloyd- RA for dorms, solver of problems, holder of infinite patienc 4. Lloyd- RA for dorms, solver of problems, holder of infinite patience, and perpetual rule enforcer. Wesley- Junior, student of law, chronic rule challenger and perpetual rule breaker.

Wesley and Lloyd have known each other for years. They live on the same floor and Wesley has the resident student to Lloyds RA status. Wes will do anything to get a rise out of Lloyd.

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Lloyd is a master at self-control and not showing just how much Wesley affected him. Wesley was completely over the top, cheeky and a serial flirt with Lloyd. They balance each other out perfectly. There was friendship, feelings, connection, and a deep desire to just be in the presence of the other.

Am I surprised? Did it bother me? Hell to the no. Not once during the super-duper long slow burn wait did I ever feel like I was bored, missing out, or frustrated. But even better than that were the fantastically entertaining MCs. I was enjoying their snarky banter so much that I could have gone another pages without any sex. They had an intimacy that was so much more than physical. This book had more of the same feels that book one had. Wesley reminded me of Theo and Lloyd reminded me of Jamie.

I just love the exasperated fondness and cluelessness that is present within these couples. I laughed and had a cheesy smile on my face throughout their adventure to HEA-land. Gemini Keeps Capricorn is no different than the previous two in the series; Anyta exquisitely tortures us with a slow burn but gives the perfect blend of personality, chemistry and connection between the main characters to make the torture and payoff that much sweeter.

I loved the hell out of this book. Copy provided for honest review. View all 8 comments. I was sent this book as an advance copy by the author. All opinions are my own. I especially love this series despite my complete lack of belief in horoscopes or anything of the like. I loved both Wesley and Lloyd and the secondary characters. Other than this, I pretty much liked everything else. View all 9 comments. Oct 31, Meags rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , buddy-reads , cover-lust , fake-relationship , mm , college , new-adult , friends-to-lovers , panties-just-went-poof , mm-faves.

The dialogue is always fun and playful, filled with innuendo and flirtatiousness that knows no bounds. It serves to keep the reader fully engaged and eag 4. It serves to keep the reader fully engaged and eager to soak up the next words uttered. The characters themselves are also extremely well-developed and relatable. The MCs, Wesley and Lloyd, have been friends for years, with Wesley being an unenthusiastic law student but passionate barista who flirts shameless with Lloyd, his college dorm RA and yet to be acknowledged best friend. As usual for this series , there is a lot of flirty banter and plenty of romantic undertones to every interaction Wes and Lloyd share.

Lloyd is a rule follower, and as an RA he is forbidden to get involved with any dorm residents under his care. In contrast, Wes is cheeky, fun-loving and most certainly not a follower of rules — if anything, he enjoys actively breaking them. Watching Wes and Lloyd dance around each other on their slide into epic coupledom was a joy to witness. Gemini Keeps Capricorn has been another solid win within a series that has continually been a delight to read.

Considering there are plenty of star sign pairings to still play with, I hope there are many more stories to come in the Signs of Love series. View all 7 comments. Nov 21, Sanaa rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , m-m , favorites , slow-burn , kindle-unlimited , , friends-to-lovers. I'll still want you around at the end of them. She is the only author in my life who has written some of the best slow burn romances to date. And Gemini Keeps Capricorn took slow burn to a whole new level.

The chemistry, the banter, the romance, the characters were some of the best I have seen. Like my heart is a mushy mess. This book was honestly the most adorab 5 stars. This book was honestly the most adorable thing ever. One is more playful, the other more serious.

They just worked. And although there was never anything too steamy until the end, I was never bored. The characters from the previous books are loosely tied to this story so there won't be any spoilers if you haven't read the previous books. But this is easily the best book in the series so far. I really do hope that Anyta keeps going with this series. I will never get bored of these characters. An arc was provided in exchange for an honest review. Dec 01, Ariana rated it really liked it Shelves: feel-good-and-fluffy , arcs , lgbtq. So why did I love this book? Wesley: he is incredibly cute and so full of life!

Yes, he may come across as flirty, but you know that at the bottom of his heart he is a really good guy just the way he looks after his brother shows that! What was most hilarious though is his total oblivion when it comes to figuring out his feelings and his relationship with Lloyd. Talk about having NO idea! Lloyd: Good God, is that guy patient! In every single respect. Which brings me straight to the UST. This book is virtually dripping with it. So good! Be also advised that the way they get there is very well worth it and a lot of fun! Loved all the secondary characters , too. Looooovely cover.

View all 10 comments. But I just didn't feel this one. They have a great friendship. One of them is completely clueless that their friendship is technically a relationship. Overall, the book was cute sure, but boring. The writing this time around didn't work for me :O Though in book one I enjoyed it quite much. So damn strange. Then when he was single again, I had a boyfriend. Then he had a boyfriend. Then I had a fling.

Then he had another boyfriend. You both being single at the same time is unfamiliar territory. What other excuse do you have? What else? They have a good relationship. Wesley's co-worker at Me Gusta Robusta. Cute woman. I feel sorry for Lloyd. Love triangle?

Will I read this again in the future? View 2 comments. Luckily, things changed for the better! This was a cute and funny story, with the slowest of burns I know that's usually Anyta's specialty but she really hit it out of the park with this one- it was sooooooo slow that I almost thought there wouldn't be enough time in the end for a satisfying wrap-up; spoiler alert: I was wrong. I'll let you in on a tiny little secret: even though their relationship was gloriously developed, and I lived for every step of the way, I just have to say this time, it was easier for me to get invested in the characters individually, it just came faster than it was for me than it was to be on board with their relationship- even though I was always rooting for them, anyway!

Now, other than our MC's who were glorious, by the way! Also Caleb and MacD, ohmygod, can I have a book about them next? Please and thanks!

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They so deserve their own story- I loved them both so much. I'm just so glad I got to read this early! It was the kind of fluff I'm always looking for- and it couldn't have come on a better time! Anyta Sunday is the best! Keep 'em coming! However, there comes a point when friendly crosses over to something so much more and though Wesley may not know it, Lloyd is fully aware of all his charm and is just biding his time until Wesley gets a clue.

Nov 06, Ky rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , read It's a sweet story about an RA and one of his residents. There is banter, there is attraction, there is a fake-relationship and the most oblivious best friend ever.

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Lloyd may have played his role in that obliviousness since he just assumed things and was never straightforward until the very end. There was a hilarious missunderstanding but thankfully it wasn't the source of unnecessary drama or "Gemini Keeps Capricorn" is the latest release of author Anyta Sunday and it's a slow burn all the way! There was a hilarious missunderstanding but thankfully it wasn't the source of unnecessary drama or angst. It got resolved fairly quickly and easily. Wesley was a flirt, an outgoing character that didn't like to follow rules and once he put his mind to something he didn't back down.

He was very protective of his brother and supported him in everything. They had an amazing relationship and were very close. I didn't like that Lloyd was more flexible with the rules with Wesley than with everyone else. It didn't fit with his personality as a responsible and rule-following person. He treated Wesley differently and showed favoritism which I guess can be excused up to some point but here I thought that Wesley really took advantage of Lloyd's affection for him and his reluctance to treat him like any other resident.

At least Lloyd wrote him up at some point, so that's something. Lloyd and Wesley had known each other for years and were friends already when we met them. Wesley flirted all the time with Lloyd but nothing had ever happened between them. It's against the rules and Lloyd doesn't want to risk his job. I liked the banter between those two and it's a bit hard to imagine how they could have gone on for so long as only friends when they obviously have so much chemistry.

Lloyd was the mature one of the duo, responsible and clear-thinking. He was very sweet with Wesley and he was very rarely able to say no to him. Wesley was the oblivious one here. He couldn't understand what he felt for Lloyd so he concluded that he was just his best friend and that's why he felt the way he did. He was also kind of obsessed with horoscopes, refusing to even entertain the thought of a relationship between them based on the lack of compatibility of their star signs alone.

The friendship between the two of them was easy and seemed natural. They gravitated toward one another and didn't want it any other way. A big part of the book and their relationship was coffee. It was Wesley's job, Lloyd's obsession, his friends' and brother's common ground. There are nicknames based on coffee preferences and there is coffee as a reward for doing something. I don't like coffee so I can't relate to the need to drink a cup in the morning before the day starts but I liked the funny quotes at the beginning of each chapter.

The secondary characters were a bit frustrating to me. There were very present in the story and often the plot moved depending on their lives and not the MCs'. I was glad that they all ended up happy but a lot of the time it seemed like they were stealing the spotlight. Also, what's the deal with Me Gusta Robusta? I love that name by the way, but who was the owner and why did Wesley and two of his friends that worked there along with him could come and go as they pleased, open and close the shop, host events there? Were there no other employees there?

No boss? It was a bit confusing. My favorite couple by far remain Jamie and Theo from Leo Loves Aries and I was so happy to see that they make a guest appearance here! There is also a nice surprise about what their plans for the future are like. It made me so happy to see them again and know that they are as perfect together as I remembered them to be. I think their story is due a re-read!

Gemini (astrology)

View all 17 comments. Jan 13, Claude rated it really liked it. This was so funny and I really like it!! I really like the writing of this author. Their story was perfect. In this, it became very long in the two third of the book I was getting tired of Wesley sorry I kept waiting for something to happen but nothing really did.

I was bored. I am going to blame myself for this one, the two books I've read today were utter crap so maybe its transference. Yup, that's it. Anyta Sunday doesn't do boring, what was I thinking. Sep 24, Hollis rated it it was ok Shelves: reads , contemporary , ebook , friends-become-more , lgbtqia , hello-diversity , na , sexytimes , a-smattering-of-lols , disappointing. I took a break after the first two Signs of Love and yet this one still didn't really work for me. Also I made a new shelf for this experience : pretty boy is clueless af because wowwww.

So lost. There was some sweetness here, and again I love the boy we don't get a POV for more than the one we do get, but I also felt like Sunday just threw us in the mix for this one.

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Once again it vaguely connects to characters from book one but way way too loosely and I felt there was less structure or foundat I took a break after the first two Signs of Love and yet this one still didn't really work for me. Once again it vaguely connects to characters from book one but way way too loosely and I felt there was less structure or foundation for this one on the whole. I often felt I was missing passages or full chapters or was an unfinished story. The author just played a little too loosey goosey with this one for my liking.

View all 4 comments.

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  5. Nov 17, Apolishedreader rated it it was amazing Shelves: love , college , arc , funny , friends-to-lovers , mm , contemporary , cover-love , to-review , series. I am loving this series so hard! My book inspired nails for this book: Gemini Keeps Capricorn Is there another author who can write a slow burn so well? Where I am so engaged in the characters that I don't really notice the lack of steam until it happens.

    Wesley and Lloyd have known each other for a couple of years. But lately, their friendship has been deepening and Lloyd is losing the battle of kee I am loving this series so hard! But lately, their friendship has been deepening and Lloyd is losing the battle of keeping things platonic. They have known each other for years.

    Can you imagine being a friend hanging around that UST for years? Considering their chemistry, I doubt I would have been able to resist locking them in a closet together to put myself out of the misery! Then we add in the banter and this book is on point. Wes and Lloyd are both so fun. Their interactions with each other and the people around them is fluid, seamless and natural.

    I had so much fun reading this book that I read it in one sitting. Wes protests his compatibility with Lloyd a bit too much, but he is trying to convince himself as much as everyone else. Except, he is the only one who seems to be falling for it. These two genuinely like each other and do little and big things to show how compatible they are. They support each other even when they are just friends and it makes their romance all the more believable.

    And then we are gifted with the sweetest epilogue. I obviously recommend this book along with the whole series! Dec 18, River rated it it was amazing Shelves: m-m , arcs. I love love this series! I'm definitely not a fan of slow burn but with Anyta, it works for me. Wesley was so fun, I had a great time getting to know him and watching his fascination with Lloyd. I have to admit that at times I got bit frustrated with him because he was so oblivious to things! The coffee puns were very charming, btw. The s I love love this series!

    The secondary characters were good and I liked what was going on around Wesley and Lloyd's life, even though it wasn't all about the romance, I had a great time. This series is very solid. Jan 01, Dimitri rated it liked it Shelves: m-m-romance , started-out-as-friends , it-was-ok. It was good! This entry in the signs of love was okay I would say.

    Not much happened really but it wasn't written poorly. I loved the chemistry between Wesley and Lloyd, they had such a playful and cute relationship! Here are my issues with the story that bumped it to 3. But this was a little too much, I mean the characters didn't even admit their mutual attraction and have sex until the very end, and when the nove It was good! But this was a little too much, I mean the characters didn't even admit their mutual attraction and have sex until the very end, and when the novel is strictly a romance novel about the relationship, that is an issue with me.

    Well, if it works, then why fix it is your motto. You need to be more flexible in your outlook towards new changes. This Gemini person can be too giving at times, predict your birthday astrology analysis. This can make it difficult for you to stay on your budget. You should have financial goals to attend to. However, your money management skills are in need of repair. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

    May 31st birthday meanings also predict that these Gemini natives are often neglectful of their health conditions. You are inclined to have more illness than others because of your lack of concern for your health. It takes work to maintain a youthful appearance. Test Now! You could change your diet. By doing this, you could stand a chance to improve how you feel. Eating balanced meals could provide more stamina and stabilize your moods. The May 31 birthday personality are serious-minded and driven people.

    You are friendly but likely will debate the issues with your friends and associates. However, your dreams are a secret. Generally, those with a zodiac birthday of May 31 will accomplish many short-term goals. But you do not realize that the future may come leaving you unprepared for it.

    COMPATIBILITATEA ZODIILOR : GEMENI - by Astrolog Alexandra Coman

    This shows your lack of concern for your health as well. Growing old has its advantages but only if you work for it while you are young. Your ruling planet is Mercury that symbolizes receptivity, intelligence, knowledge, and communication. This card symbolizes a masculine influence in your life, which will help you make the right decisions.

    Number 9 — This number stands for selflessness and a passion for helping people in need. Number 4 — This number symbolizes your reliability and determination in accomplishing your goals. Orange: This is a color that symbolizes good luck, magnetism, achievements, and indulgence. Grey: This color signifies neutralizing negative influences in our life and being diplomatic. Wednesday — This day is ruled by Mercury and represents progress, swiftness and exchange of ideas. Sunday — This day ruled by the Sun and is symbolic of life, strength, originality, and focus.

    Agate gemstone signifies friendliness, fidelity, sexuality, and grounding. Tickets for an exotic vacation for the man and a reading night lamp for the woman. May 31 birthday personality loves gifts that have some meaningful value.

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