4 december personal day numerology

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December 2018 Numerology Forecast - Michelle Buchanan Numerologist

Common Fashion Mistakes. Constant Changes With Akademiks. Consider These Names in Designer Apparel. For those with a Sun Number 5, December is a 2 Personal Month in an 8 Personal Year, and shifts the focus to relationships and all affairs of the heart.

Monthly Numerology Forecast

Co-workers are demanding, not only in work-related matters, but also in personal areas. You may catch some flack, or become involved in conflicts that don't appear to have anything to do with you. All your tact and diplomacy are needed to maintain harmony in the work place.

However, you are better equipped than usual to deal with sensitive affairs, and you manage to diffuse most of these potentially explosive affairs. Pretty much the same experiences await you regarding relationships with relatives and friends, but here, too, you are able to keep the peace. Your intuition and sensitivity are your strongest assets this month. There is, however, a need to stand up for yourself. Someone will probably claim credit which rightly belongs to you, and again, diplomacy and tact are required to solve this problem. This is also a good month for negotiation and financial affairs, particularly concerning loans and mortgages.

Romance can be powerful, but may cause problems when money is involved.


Timing with Numerology

It's time to lighten up, be playful and enjoy yourself. Don't take things too seriously -- this is a time to recharge your batteries. There will be ample opportunity for social events and you should take advantage of that. Your creativity is enhanced now, and so is your sense of humor. This is not a time to force any issues. Let things happen at their own pace. You are approaching a time of more energy, more opportunities and progress, but before that happens, take this month to rest and relax.

You are entering a 1 Personal Year which brings much progress and a new beginning. This 9 Personal Year has been a year of letting go, next year is a time of renewal, almost rebirth. It brings both opportunity and frustration. Stay focused on your goals and work hard. It is an excellent month for your career with much opportunity for progress, due partly to last month's optimism and enthusiasm.

You have impressed people, some of whom are now ready to offer you the proverbial carrot. But there is a hitch: you may not feel you are ready, and a little courage is required. Another aspect of this month's combination of numbers is the frustration caused by your inability to force a direction of your own choosing. You may feel caught in a trap, stuck in a rut. You have to be willing to maintain a high level of effort, because this is definitely not a time to quit, no matter how frustrating the current period may be.

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Even in matters of the heart, you may feel stuck in the mud. Patience and diligence are the keywords this month. December is a 5 Personal Month in a 2 Personal Year for those with a Sun Number 8, and it brings changes and restlessness. You feel a need to be with others, to be social, to laugh and talk and enjoy yourself.

You receive opportunities to travel and will probably meet a new and exciting person on a trip away from home. This person inspires and motivates you to try something new, to get off the beaten path and take a chance. This is a month that could bring quite a few surprises, most of which invigorate you. It is a dynamic time that brings information and knowledge from unexpected sources. You want change. You are ready to try a new direction, which causes you to see your career with new eyes.

You are in an adventurous mode and willing to take a risk. This month requires courage and flexibility. There are new opportunities awaiting you and it is up to you to prevent them from slipping by. Your love relationship is in a vulnerable state and some suppressed anxieties need to be released. You are somewhat impulsive and may need to force yourself to slow down. You experience a bit of self-indulgence now, requiring extra self-discipline.

The month stabilizes your work environment, but requires that you work on your relationships and family affairs.

Numerology/Astrology for 12/1/18- Plus Personal Blog

You will be in the unique position to counsel and support someone in your circle of friends and family with immediate and positive results. It will be one of the most rewarding experiences of this year for you. A promotion or a raise is possible this month, as is an increase in your workload.

4 december personal day numerology
4 december personal day numerology
4 december personal day numerology
4 december personal day numerology
4 december personal day numerology
4 december personal day numerology
4 december personal day numerology
4 december personal day numerology

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